11 Best Thermal Underwear for Women Reviews & Buying Guide {2019}

A perfect Thermal Underwear/ Base Layer, along with a technique for properly layering the rest of your clothes, lets you avoid the nasty conditions. Proper layering also helps in getting through the harmful exposure in winter. So, it is the best and reliable solution to maintain your central body heat. In this way, you can protect yourself from snow and cold air.

Want to go outdoor? Are you planning for skiing, or hiking in winter? You must have an inside base layer for wicking away your body’s moisture. A center layer of clothing helps in insulation, while the outside layer protects the body from harsh components.

For inside layering: it would be best to choose the underwear crafted with Synthetic fiber, wool, or silk rather than cotton made layers. Cotton can cause of trapping the body’s moisture, becomes wet and increases risks of getting cold. Other fabric’s types, on the other hand, are traps less moisture and let you feel moisture free, dry, and warm.

Which Thermal Underwear is Best for Winters? Our readers have spoken!

These are the Top Picks for Best Base Layer For Extreme Cold on best selling this year

Top Rated 11 Best Thermal Underwear/ Base Layers For Winter

So, for your convenience: we have compiled a list of top 11 best thermal underwear for women for cold weather. Continue reading to learn more about the products reviews, best features, pros and cons. You can compare latest price to buy the most suitable one for you. Hoping so, they definitely make you feel like you’re wrapped in wade of gauze; even you wear your pants.

Best Selling

Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set with Fleece Lined

Buy Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

                            Our Rating

This slim fit option is crafted from 92% Ultra-Soft Polyester and 8% Spandex. The women’s ultra-soft microfiber thermal set is slightly fleeced lined for additional warmth and thermal insulation that completely eradicates risks of irritating. The material is breathable while being warm and comfortable.

The top is very versatile. It works well for outside activities as well. You can even wear it under your sweater. For those who are seeking an alternative to synthetic or plastic materials, this material is ideal.

The sizes are smaller than the conventional brands of department stores, so we suggest picking the piece at least one size up.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Crafted with 92% Ultra-Soft Polyester 8% Spandex
  • 4-way stretch material offers comfortable fit
  • 2-Piece women’s thermal set (top & bottom)
  • Ladies long johns, ultra-soft, warm, & comfortable
  • Perfect choice to wear indoor/outdoor
  • Available in number of beautiful colors

Amazon's Choice

uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Fleece Lined

Buy uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set

uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set

                            Our Rating

Merging a stylish construction with craftsmanship that added comfort, said experts, "it’s a piece we could quickly forget we were wearing (in a good way)."

Lightweight, simple, and warm enough. You can wear this layer for hours and hours outside in below freezing weather. It will keep you even warmer than a T-shirt and hoodie under your sweater.

In order to preserve the life of your uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set, wash it gently and hang to dry. This shirt is made from quality materials and built to last.

The package comes equipped with 2-pieces fleece lined thermal set including top and bottom, for your comfort. It also makes you feel warm yet not bulky.

It’s perfect pick to wear alone at home or wear an additional layer of warmth under your clothes.

Why We Recommend This:

  • 2-Pieces Fleece Lined Thermal Set (Top & Bottom)
  • Ultra-soft, warm and comfortable
  • Great even to be wear alone at home
  • Available in many colors for you to choose from

Amazon's Choice

Tesla Blank Women's Top & Bottom Set w Microfiber WHS200

Buy Tesla Blank Women's Top & Bottom Set w Microfiber

Tesla Blank Women's Top & Bottom Set w Microfiber

                            Our Rating

The Tesla Blank Women's layering is crafted with cherry-picked fabric materials are design for extraordinary comfort and warmth. The elastic fibers for 360 free mobility that slender and slim.

It offers casual look and sporty design. The stretchy elastic and lightweight design for style and function, sleek design and colors make it more reliable one piece to wear even as outer jacket.

High density, superior elasticity offers additional comfort and ease of wearing the layers. It doesn’t lose the shape even after wearing for long time. This fit has excellent elasticity and stretches for perfect fit, countering with body line for more snug and slimming fit.


Always pick one size up for more comfortable fit

Why We Recommend This:

  • Excellent mobility and moisture wicking
  • Heat fit design
  • 4-way stretch for open movement
  • 2-pcs Fleece Lined Set (Top & Bottom)
  • Crafted with 92% Ultra Soft Microfiber & 8% Spandex
  • 2-way air circulation, moisture sensing, quick time dry

FITEXTREME Women’s MAXHEAT Fleece Compression Performance Long Johns Thermal Underwear



                            Our Rating

This fitted base layer that not only keep you dry but also keep insulated even during intense outdoor activities in winter. Even you can also wear it for hiking, skiing, and of course, hunting.

This durable Polyurethane & polyester blend dries quickly and wicks moisture effectively. Lightweight premium quality layering offers super fit to your body shape by fleece lined that offers additional comfort and perfect fit.

It offers you to pick both the top and bottom or only top or bottom as per your own preference and need.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Constructed of Polyester 93% & Polyurethane 7%
  • Available set (Top & bottom), yet you may also pick only one either top or bottom too
  • Superior comfort and softness
  • Made of premium silky soft fleece lining for additional comfort
  • Keep warmth in cold weather
  • Great for thermal retention, sweat wicking, and fast dry
  • Lightweight & premium quality

Duofold Women's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt

Buy Duofold Women's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt

Duofold Women's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt

                            Our Rating

This 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester base layer from Duofold Women's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt is imported, has a tag-free label, and comes with Flat lock seams. The guide-approved, Pointelle fabrication for added feminine detail adds luxurious, yet is durable, even in harsh and severe outdoor situations.

The multi-functional everyday use thermal shirt is designed to keep you warmth and provide comfortable and soft dual-layer protection barrier. It also combined with a close-to-body fit and softness for superior comfort moisture control that let you stay dry.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Made of premium quality 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester
  • Pull On closure
  • Safe to machine wash
  • Double-layer thermal to keep you warmth in cold weather
  • Perfect for cold weather, low-impact activities
  • Moisture control
  • Flat lock seams to avoid irritation
  • Pointelle fabrication for added feminine detail

Rocky Women’s Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear Set Top and Bottom Smooth Knit

Buy Rocky Women’s Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear

Rocky Women’s Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear

                            Our Rating

Rocky Women’s Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear Set is perfectly comfortable, with seams and stitches that are not felt and material that is extremely soft.

It’s made of good quality Cotton and Polyester material making it great base layer and a slim fit layer. The material is of smooth knit, and isn’t too light or too heavy. It’s heat-resistant and will wick away moisture, keeping odors away.

Wear it under your T-shirts, yet keep in mind that if you want looser fit, you must order one size up. So, now keeping yourself warmth is easier and at your hand.

Why We Recommend This:

  • You may get a set of 2-pieces thermal layer (1) top and (1) bottom
  • Innovative style; crafted with 55% Cotton & 45% Polyester
  • Thermal knit keeps body heat to keep you warm
  • Lightweight & heat-resistant

Best Editor's Choice

Duofold Women's Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings

Buy Duofold Women's Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings

Duofold Women's Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings

                            Our Rating

The Duofold Women's Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings is the ideal mix of Cotton and Polyester that offers a durable, comfortable choice for this winter season. This dress is naturally resistant to odors, moisture wicking, and free from itch.

Double-layer thermal legging featuring high-rise silhouette, is comfortable long to take the harshness out of cold weather. Enjoy now winter with this base layer.

Optimal for offering light insulation in cold weather and wicking away moisture. It’s a multi-purpose solution for your base layer problem that keeps you warm and comfortable with its equipped dual-layer protection barrier.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Constructed of 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine wash safe
  • Double-layer thermal legging featuring high-rise silhouette
  • Flat lock seaming to avoid irritation
  • Logo at left hip
  • Packed with moisture-control properties

Hanes Women's X-Temp Thermal Pant

Buy Hanes Women's X-Temp Thermal Pant

Hanes Women's X-Temp Thermal Pant

                            Our Rating

With similar benefits as the tops, the bottoms are also considered as an ideal base layer for many cold conditions and landscapes. A perfect bottom can keep your body temperature regulated, keeping moisture off your skin and odors far away.

The fabric is 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester with thermal knit. It’s featured with logoed elastic waistband for extra additional and comfortable fit. Plus, the fabric used is shrinkage controlled.

It offers you an ultra-light wearing experience; even you may forget that they are there. Other additional features and benefits included in this package are tapered leg and flat no-rub seams.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Material used 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester
  • Safe-to-Machine Wash
  • Thermal-knit pant featured logoed elastic waistband
  • Packed with tapered leg, and flat no-rub seams
  • Shrinkage controlled

CnlanRow Thermal Underwear Women Long - Scoop Neck Ultra - Thin Johns Set Top & Bottom

Buy CnlanRow Thermal Underwear Women Long - Scoop Neck Ultra

CnlanRow Thermal Underwear Women Long Scoop Neck

                            Our Rating

Looking for base layer underwear with minimum bulk and maximum warmth? The CnlanRow Thermal Underwear are all you need as your bottom base layer.

Use them for home use or falconry, ice fishing, hunting, and many other outdoor activities too. It offers you to stay comfortable and warm, even in low temperatures well and the Flat lock stitching prevent uncomfortable rubbing.

The fabric 90% Modal and 10% Spandex is used in its construction with elastic closure and ultra-soft for comfortable fit. Its scoop-neck is wrapped both on the front and back of the neck.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Fabric used is 90% Modal & 10% Spandex
  • Elastic closure for perfect fit
  • High Elastic Ultra Soft and Comfortable
  • Perfect base layer underwear for winter indoor/outdoor activities
  • Scoop-neck both on the front and the back
  • Best for low neckline outerwear
  • Flawless sub-coating for sweater and coat
  • Base-layer-underwear closure, long sleeve top, elastic waist with convenient fly front
  • 2 Pieces Thermal Set (Top & Bottom)
  • 4- way stretch material provides a comfortable active base layer fit

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Rocky Women's 2pc Thermal Underwear, Top & Bottom Fleece Lined Long Johns – by

Buy Rocky Women's 2pc Thermal Underwear

Rocky Women's 2pc Thermal Underwear

                            Our Rating

The Rocky Women’s 2-pieces thermal underwear is especially designed to provide maximum comfort and warm you even in the cold conditions.

With an elastic waistband and fleece lined moisture wicking microfibers this item keeps the moisture and odor at the bay. Both of the pieces are stretchy comfortable and fits perfectly.

The all-purpose base layers can be used while going out to jog, run, cycle in the cold, wear it under your clothing to stay warm and cozy in freezing cold and harsh conditions.

Long sleeve shirt and long pants are crafted to be wicking away the moisture and keep you dry and warm, no matter how active you are. Plus, you may wear it underneath casual clothing at work or for a day out, forgetting they are there.

Crafted with 92% ultra-soft polyester and 8% spandex, this perfect blend provides comfort, elasticity, and moisture protection throughout the day.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Elastic waistband and fleece lined moisture wicking microfibers
  • Stretchy comfortable
  • Perfect choice for outdoor activities
  • Moisture-wicking, moisture-resistant
  • Perfect to wear underneath the clothing too


Especially for those who get cold easily, buying a best set of base layer underwear is good decision. If you are living in the climate that frequently goes below freezing, you must have a pair of base layer that moderates your body temperature by keeping you warm and comfortable.

I personally recommend investing in the best overall base layer, uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Fleece Lined. It not only keeps you warm but also resists the moisture out.

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