Best Outdoor Flood Lights

11 Best Outdoor Flood Lights Reviews | Buying Guide {2023}

Best Outdoor Floodlights are widely used to illuminate courtyards, car parks, sidewalks, and advertising signs. There are architectural devices for illuminating building structures at night.

A floodlight is a lighting device designed to emit concentrated artificial light into a specific space. Several groups can be distinguished from the whole variety of spotlights. The most common ones at the place of installation are the most practical security guards, artificial daylight, and much more.

Best Outdoor Flood Lights
Best Outdoor Flood Lights 2023

Landscape models are used to supply lighting to squares, parks, and other green areas. Our experts figured out how to choose the specific best outdoor flood lights or spotlight for a specific task. Get practical tips and a list of the best outdoor flood lights products with reviews.

How to choose the best outdoor flood lights or street spotlights?

Here are the main parameters to look out for when choosing the best outdoor flood lights for domestic or commercial use.

Location and target area: The lighting device can be portable or stationary. The former is practical for temporarily supplying lighting to a place of rest or work in the evening. They have a handle for easy transport. The latter is attached to a wall or ceiling in order to constantly supply light to a specific location.

Lamp type: The light source in the spotlight can be a halogen lamp, which gives out a dense white stream of light and is suitable for high-quality illumination of the working area. The xenon lamp shines “softer” and further. Its lifespan is longer because there is no filament inside. LED bulbs consume less energy and have the longest life.

Brightness: The characteristic is measured in lumens and can be from 800 to 20,000 lumens. The higher the value, the more light the device emits.

Enclosure protection level: It is designated as IPxx and can mean protection from dust, rain, water jets. The metal case will withstand more wind and hail loads than the plastic one. Power. The indicator varies from 8 to 500 W and affects the power of light radiation, as well as electricity consumption.

Power connection method: The floodlights are connected to a 220 V network directly or to 12 V through an adapter. There are models with a solar panel, which does not require outdoor wiring.

Colorful temperature: Light emission can be in the temperature range 1200-6500 K. The lower the value, the more yellow the light will be. If the number is high, then the lighting will be whiter or even bluer.

Resource: Sometimes manufacturers indicate lamp life between 15,000 and 50,000 hours. For example, in the maximum version, if you turn on the spotlight on the street for 12 hours every day, it will last about 11 years.

Color rendering: The characteristic affects the naturalness of the display of colors and is measured in Ra. Natural color rendition is important for work, so choose floodlights with an indicator of 80 Ra.

Lighting type: The angle of light distribution can be point or diffuse. The first is useful for supplying narrow-beam light to an architectural object or work area. The second option is optimal for general illumination of the yard or other wide areas on the street.

Working temperature range: Some projectors are designed to operate up to -20 degrees, while others have a take-off range of -45 … + 50 ° C.

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