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11 Best Postal Scales Reviews | Buying Guide {2023}

Best Postal Scales 2023 – This is a long history and has been for years been relied upon by businesses for. If you are running a small business and need to weigh and ship numerous packages. The best postage Scales are the perfect choice for you. Choose a scale that meets all your business requirements.

Best Selling

best postal scale
  • Foldable mail holder
  • Capacity Up to 50lbs
  • Sensitivity 0.1oz
  • Modes Lbs/oz/kg/g
  • Tare/ Hold Function
  • Self-calibration
  • Dual Power
  • Range of Size & Models
  • Best for Home & Office

Top Rated

best shipping scale
  • Durable, Heavy Duty
  • Capacity 440lbs/200kg
  • Long Extendable Cord
  • Large LCD Display
  • Tare & Pieces Feature
  • Large Steel Platform
  • Kg/g/lb/lb: oz Modes
  • Readability 6oz, 170g

Editor’s Choice

best postal scale 2021
  • Solid steel structure
  • Multi Measuring Units
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Extra Large LCD display
  • Tare/Hold Function
  • 3 Power Options
  • 4 Reading Modes
  • Accurate & Reliable

Best Postal scales are small enough to be convenient and large enough to handle the needs of a small businessman. Who is doing business in low-weight items up to 100 lbs. these scales enable you to weigh at home and save your time and money?

So, you no longer need to wait in line at the post office. Best Digital Shipping and Postage Scales are easy to use, accurate, compact having economical prices.

Top Rated 11 Best Postal Scales Reviews 2023

Usually comes with batteries that allow you to use it outside too. Perfect scales for mailing have a digital display on wide LCD screens with lots of options, like hold button, tare, calibration, printing, and weighing options like kilograms/ grams, grams/pounds/ounces, and ounces.

ACCUTECK All-In-1 Series W-8250

Are you looking for a simple, compact, easy-to-use, and versatile postal scale? ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs will be the best choice for you.

Best Postage Scale
Best Postage Scale 2023

This is one of the best-selling postal scales with affordable prices. Its hold button keeps the last weight on display after lifting the package from the scale. Especially best for weighing oversized items. It is capable of being powered by the included batteries.

Comes with an AC adapter. Moreover, its compact design is very convenient and also saves your desk space. ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs is best rated having excellent consumer reports. It is shining on Amazon with thousands of 5-star reviews.

So, that’s, why it is on top in our best postage scale top 11, picks due to its durability and excellent features. It will serve you for long life.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Fold-up mailer holder: Stand upright to 90 degrees for rolling tubes and irregular packages
  • Capacity:- Up to 50lbs
  • Sensitivity:- 0.1-oz (0-25lb), 0.2-oz (25-50lb),
  • Reading modes:- Pounds/Ounces, Ounces, kilograms/grams, grams
  • Tare:- Allows you to reset the display to 0.0
  • Hold Function:- You can read the weight after lifting the package from the scale
  • Self-Calibration Technology:- Does not require a 50lbs weight, Choose any known weight starting from 5 lbs for calibration purposes
  • Power Options:- Dual Power, Run on 3 x AAA batteries or 5v adapter (Both included in the package)
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Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale

Smart Weight Digital is a heavy-duty sleek and smart postal scale. It can weigh up to 440 pounds/200kg. The scale is crafted with stainless steel large platform that can bear the heavy weight of large packages. For easy readability, it has an extended control board.

Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale with Durable Stainless Steel Large Platform
You can take it away when want to weigh large packages. The digital scale has three measuring units (kg, oz, lb). Having the ability to weigh up to 440 pounds makes this postal scale ideal for commercial use.

Moreover, you can use it at home or the office too. As it has a minimum readability of 6oz that is perfect accuracy. So, this is a fantastic scale for small to large business requirements.

So, this will be the best deal with its heavy-duty, compact, and smart postal scale. Because its sleek and durable design will save you money and time as well. Moreover, it will not compromise on accuracy by heaving the latest technology.

All needful functions are placed well with control panels like integrated tare and auto shut off functions. This is the best-selling postal scale with an economical price.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Sleek and smart design.
  • Measuring options (kg, oz, lb).
  • Flexible long display cord for easy readability.
  • Can read from 6oz to 440 lbs.
  • Excellent accuracy.
  • Durable large plateform.
  • Tare and auto shut off functions.
  • Dual power options batteries, ac adapter, or USB cable.
  • Pieces feature for small parts
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Accuteck ShipPro W-8580 Digital Shipping Postal Scale

Accuteck ShipPro weighing scale is equipped with the latest calibration technology. The scale is designed to handle weights as low as 10 grams to a maximum of 110 pounds.

Accuteck ShipPro Digital Shipping Postal Scale W-8580

It has a separate energy-saving back-light digital LCD. The control panel is connected with 18 inches cord to read the measurements with ease. It will be more comfortable for you when weighing the large packages.

This is the best-selling postal scale that has a two-sided mailer fold for upholders. Accuteck ShipPro comes with user-friendly features including tare and holds functions.

You can use an AC adapter or USB cable as alternative power options. So, it becomes more energy efficient to save batteries. It is so small and lightweight that you can lift it in one hand without a problem. Yet it has no issue handling that amount of weight with real-time accuracy.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Capacity: Up To 110 lbs.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 oz
  • Reading Modes: kilograms/grams, grams Pounds/ounces, ounces
  • Two-way-sided mailer folds upholder.
  • Has Tare/ hold function.
  • Auto shutoff
  • Modern technology for easy calibration.
  • Energy-saving back-light LCD
  • Control panel with an extended cord.
  • Compact design saves desk space.
  • Can Be powered by batteries, a USB cable, or an Ac adapter. (All Included)
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Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale

best selling digital shipping and postal scale
Smart Weigh Digital Shipping Postal Weight Scale

Top-Rated Smart Weigh Digital Scale is loaded with a lot of helpful features using the latest technology. The postal scale has an elegant design and a smart professional look. This machine has high-precision sensors for accurate weight.

Its tare function allows the user to determine the weight of empty boxes while the hold feature gives the option to lock the last measurement. That can be read after lifting the package from the scale.

Top rated best postal scale

It’s a super-wide platform for large packages and a separate digital display panel with an extended flexible cord. The flip panel with the large display can be mounted on the wall for easy readability. 

Another feature is its auto shut-off function, the scale goes off automatically after two minutes of inactivity which saves power draining. This is an excellent scale for home, office, or any professional setup with 100% accuracy.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Capacity up to 110 lbs / 50 kgs
  • Accuracy of 0.1 oz / 2g.
  • Has tare and hold functions
  • Durable wide platform
  • Wall Mountable Large LCD Panel with Back-lit
  • Battery operated also
  • Displays weight readings in kg, lbs, and Oz.
  • Comes with a long flexible cord
  • Superior accuracy, high capacity
  • The solution to all your shipping weight needs.
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Accuteck Dream Gold Digital Postal Scale Shipping Scale (Limited Edition)

Accuteck Dream Gold 86 Lbs Digital Postal Scale Shipping Scale Postage
Accuteck Dream Gold Digital Postal Scale 2019

Accuteck Dream Gold Best Postal Scale is a limited edition scale from Accuteck designed to meet all your shipping and postage needs from 0.2-oz to 86 lbs.

To make it more attractive, they give you the option to choose from provided five different colors. Available colors are luxury gold, cool black, charming red, and classical silver.

The scale has tare and holds features. Allows you to determine the weight of the empty boxes and see the weight lately by locking it respectively. Moreover, it has a large display screen.

The scale is battery-operated yet comes with an AC Adapter. However, it offers you to use dual power options including a USB cable. The scale will give you accurate measuring with three measuring options ( KGs, Lbs, and Oz).

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Limited Edition Model (Best Selling)
  • smart design with five colors
  • Capacity up to 86 lbs.
  • 3 measuring options (kg, oz, lb).
  • Energy-saving large display for easy readability.
  • Can read from 0.2 oz to 86 lbs.
  • The accuracy level of 0.1 oz
  • Durable large platform.
  • Tare, hold, and lock functions.
  • Dual power options including AC Adapter, USB Cable, and Battery
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Reliable and affordable
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Weighmax W-2809 90 LB Stainless Steel Digital Postal/Shipping Scale

Top Rated Best Selling Digital Postal and Shipping Scale
Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel

Weighmax W-2809 is one of the best postal and shipping scales. This is perfectly reliable to handle all types of business and domestic needs. Stainless steel construction made this highly durable. Excellent design with quality material enhance its lifespan. 

This scale has all the latest features like tare, hold, and auto-shutoff. Now it becomes handy to perform live conversion of weighing units without hassle. It is the best option for desktop use in areas with limited space.

The scale is handy weighing only three pounds yet it is durable. The scale can weigh from 10 gm to 90 lbs in 0.1 oz graduation. Perfectly meets all your shipping needs from small to large packages. 

Energy-saving back-lit large LCD display for easy readability. That allows you to work in any environment without any difficulty. The machine is ideal for use in the office, home, or commercial use at an affordable price.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Capacity and Graduation:- Weigh up to 90 lbs in 0.1 oz graduation
  • Min start weight: 10 g.
  • Four Reading Modes:- Read in b, Kg, lb/oz, oz.
  • Three Modes Power Supply:- USB cable, Batteries, or AC adapter.
  • Hold and Tare Function
  • Auto shutoff:- Auto-off when using batteries
  • When using an Ac adapter, the scale is always on.
  • The improved and enhanced structure
  • Quality Stainless Steel Platform
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Multi-use scale design
  • Very affordable price
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Weighmax 2822-75 LB postal shipping scale

Best Postal Scale 2019
Weighmax 2822-75 LBs Postal Shipping Scale 2023

As we have discussed above, Weighmax is the best-selling and top-rated brand on the shipping postal scale. So, Weighmax 2822-75LB is another best-rated shipping postal scale.

Not only having the best five-star reviews but also affordable in price. Battery and AC adapter are included in the price.

Having all latest features this will be the best companion for small to large business needs. This postal scale is designed for weighing both letters and packages. You can put a large box on top. The scale displays the weight and beeps.

When you hear the beep you know that the weight is registered on the display. So, You can now remove the box and see the weight displayed there. 

The weight stays on the display for about 30 seconds. This feature is ideal for post offices that need time for labeling the post. The scale is user-friendly with an accuracy of 0.2-oz and can weigh up to 75 lbs. Weighmax 2822 has auto hold and tare functions.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Postal, mailing, shipping scale.
  • Weight capacity up to 75 lbs
  • Measurements units Kgs, Lbs, Oz.
  • Accuracy 0.2 Ounces.
  • Power Options Batteries and an AC adapter (included)
  • Hold and Tare Functions
  • Has an auto-hold function.
  • Durable, Reliable, and affordable
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Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal Scale

Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal Scale
Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal Scale

Here is a tough, accurate, sturdy Accuteck heavy-duty scale. This is the Best Postal Scale with the ability to weigh up to 440 lbs. Built with high-quality metal. This machine has an extended control board for weighing large packages. 

Its energy-saving LCD displays for use in dark locations. It is considered in top-rated heavy-duty fully metal scale. Moreover, it has three measuring units that is Kg, Lbs, and oz. Now it is more convenient with three power options as well.

This is battery operated scale yet come with an Ac adapter as an alternative, USB cable can also be used for power but it won’t be used for data transfer. Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal Scale has tare and hold function.

The Tare function allows you to zero out the number for the previous weighing objects. Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off from the platform. To save power, it has an auto shut-off feature too.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Capacity:- Weigh up to 440lb/200kg with 50g/0.05lb
  • Comes with a 9v ac adapter and 4 AAA batteries
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Energy-saving LCD ideal to use in dark environments
  • An extended control board for weighing larger boxes
  • Tare function and the on/off and hold buttons
  • The durable heavy metal structure
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Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale with Extra Large Display (A-ST85C)

Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale with Extra Large Display, Batteries and AC Adapter (A-ST85C)
Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale (A-ST85C)

Accuteck-A-ST85C postal shipping scale is durable yet lightweight and compact for on a desk in the corner. After use, it can easily be put away in a cabinet. The scale has a load capacity of 85 lbs, so this is great when weighing heavy items.

The scale displays weight information on its large blue LED display. That is easy to read or see from a distance.

All weighing units are available in the scale menu. You can either be set to pounds, ounces, and Kg.

The Hold button is wonderful for weighing over-size boxes. Therefore, the Tare function allows you to determine the weight of empty boxes. 

Auto shut-off system:- It turns off on its own when you haven’t used it for a while. It saves you money and more importantly time that would otherwise be spent staring and fidgeting in the post office.

Accuteck-A-ST85C heavy-duty scale is Highly accurate. Extremely easy to use yet has a very economical price.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Has load capacity of up to 85 lbs
  • Accuracy of 0.2 oz Precision.
  • Durable, reliable, and accurate.
  • Has four reading units.(g/kg, lb/oz).
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Hold and Tare functions
  • Larger platform to cover large items
  • Ac adapter & 9v batteries included.
  • Extra-large display & Press Keys.
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Convenient 4 reading modes
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Most Loved Reviews – Best Deals 2023

Features Of Digital Postal & Shipping Scales

Weighing letters is one of the most important technological operations carried out in post offices. The male determines the mass of almost all sent mail, parcels, and parcels. The accuracy and speed of weighing determine the quality of the department, so electronic mail scales for letters should be functional, accurate, and convenient.

Electronic Scales For Postal Items:-

The equipment for weighing correspondence, parcels, and other mail items is represented by two types:

  • Desktop. Provides the ability to work with a weight of 5 g to 32 kg, is compact, easy to use, and with minimum permissible error limits.
  • Outdoor. This category includes precision scales with a roller table and mounting frame, ideal for controlling the weight of items.

The presence of a roller conveyor and a height-adjustable mounting frame allows you to embed equipment in the conveyor belt. As additional functions, there is underweight control and summation of loads of the same mass.

Digital weighing Scales & equipment 2023

Weighing equipment is a device for determining the mass of bodies by the weight acting on them (weighing), approximately considering it equal to gravity. Bodyweight can be determined both through comparison with the weight of the reference mass (both in lever scales) and through the measurement of this force through other physical quantities.

Acceleration of scientific and technological progress in trade involves increasing the productivity of workers (receivers, packers, sellers), and the use of weighing equipment of more advanced designs.

A significant factor determining the increasing role of weighing equipment is the wide automation of technological processes. The requirements for accuracy, speed, productivity, reliability of weighing equipment, recording readings, working together with computers, and presenting information on digital displays are constantly increasing.

A characteristic feature of modern weighing equipment is the use of measurement methods based on the conversion of analog signals from strain gauges or from spring force converters to digital form. The combination of weighing equipment with computers, minicomputers, and microprocessors is expanding.

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Weighing equipment can be classified according to different criteria. Consider the main ones.

Classification of weighing equipment according to the principle of action.

This classification of weighing equipment is based on the physical laws of weighing. Weighing equipment can be divided into:

Lever scales – These scales are based on the principle of the lever. On lever scales, the mass of the load is compared with the reference mass, i.e., with a weight known by mass.

Spring scales – This weighing equipment is based on Hooke’s law. These are scales on which the balancing of gravity of a weighed body is achieved with the help of a spring force meter. An example would be a manual spring balance.

Electronic strain gauge balance – This scale is based on a change in electrical resistance.

Hydro-static scales – This category of weighing equipment is based on the action of Archimedes’ force. Hydraulic scales are used to measure the density of bodies.

Classification of weighing equipment by scope.

Weighing equipment for operational purposes is divided into:

  • Carriage scales;
  • Trolley scales;
  • Car weights;
  • Monorail scales;
  • Crane scales;
  • Commodity scales;
  • Scales for weighing livestock;
  • Elevator scales are general-purpose bunker scales for weighing grain products;
  • For weighing milk scales;
  • Baggage scales;
  • Trade scales;
  • Medical scales;
  • Postal scales.

Weighing equipment for weighing accuracy.

Weighing accuracy is the most important characteristic of measurement results, with which you can evaluate the possibility of using the results for the purposes for which they were carried out. Weighing accuracy is understood as the degree of approximation of the results to the true value of the measured value.

In this classification, weighing equipment is divided into:

  • Middle-class precision weighing equipment;
  • Weighing equipment of ordinary accuracy class.
  • Weighing equipment according to the installation method on site.

In this classification group of weighing equipment we can distinguish:

  • Built-in scales;
  • Mortise scales;
  • Scales;
  • Table scales. General-purpose table scales are designed for weighing various loads placed on a cup or platform scale. Table scales can be weighted and dialed;
  • Mobile scales. Mobile scales are designed for weighing various loads placed on the platform of the receiving device;
  • Suspension scales;
  • Stationary scales. Stationary scales are installed at a permanent place of operation, and their movement is impossible without preliminary dismantling.

Weighing equipment in the form of a balancing device.

This category of weighing equipment includes:

  • Electromechanical (electronic) scales – scales, in the balancing device of which the force is converted into an electrical signal;
  • Mechanical scales.

Weighing equipment by type of load receptor.

The following types of weighing equipment should be highlighted here:

  • Hopper scales;
  • Monorail scales;
  • Bucket scales;
  • Conveyor scales;
  • Hook scales;
  • Platform scales.

The method of reaching equilibrium position by weighing equipment:

  • With automatic balancing. – these are scales on which the equilibrium position is reached automatically in the entire weighing range;
  • With semi-automatic balancing – scales at which the equilibrium position is reached automatically only in a certain interval of the weighing range, beyond which equilibrium can only be achieved with the participation of the operator;
  • Same As with non-automatic balancing – scales on which the equilibrium position can be achieved only with the participation of the operator.

By the nature of the weighing (batching) process, weighing equipment can be:

  • Discrete (periodic) action. In discrete weighing equipment, Continuously incoming cargo is weighed (dosed) in separate portions during a definitely repeating cycle, for which a special hopper is provided in their designs. After weighing the installed portion, the cargo is poured out of the load-receiving device (bucket) and it is sent as intended.
  • Continuous action. In continuous weighing equipment, automatic continuous weighing (dosing) of a moving load occurs.

This separation is typical mainly for technological scales and dispensers.

The main parameters of weighing equipment.

The largest weighing limit (LEL) of weighing equipment is the upper limit of the weighing limit, which determines the largest mass measured during a one-time weighing.

The smallest weighing limit (NMPV) of the weighing equipment is the lower limit of the weighing limit, it is determined by the minimum load, with a one-time weighing of which the relative weighing error should not exceed the permissible value.

The division value (d) of the weighing equipment is the difference in the mass values ?? corresponding to two adjacent marks on the scale of the scale with an analog reading device, or the mass value corresponding to the discreteness of reading of the digital scale.

The price of the test division (e) of the weighing equipment is a conditional value, expressed in units of mass, used in classifying weights and normalizing requirements for them.

The number of test divisions (n) of the weighing equipment is the LEL / e value.

The maximum permissible measurement error of weighing equipment is determined by the price of calibration. Typically, the manufacturer of the balance guarantees the following ratio: d = e. The lower the error, the higher the measurement accuracy.

The correct execution of weight measurement operations requires strict observance of the rules for using weighing equipment in enterprises.

All weighing equipment must be certified by a reliable authority. 

To be operational and ensure the accuracy of the measurements. To monitor the condition of the weighing equipment and the observance of the rules for its operation, a responsible person from among its employees is appointed at the enterprise, most often at the enterprises, there is a metrologist who performs this function.

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