Best Beard Trimmers on amazon

9 Best Beard Trimmers Consumer Reports | Buying Guide {2023}

The Best Beard Trimmers 2023 – New technologies have transformed people’s habits, giving them more time during the day and less time in the bathroom. With the best electric beard trimmer, you can get the most out of your day without having to worry about looking harsh.

However, not all beard trimmers are the best and not the same at all. Finding out which one should you buy is sometimes challenging and frustrating.

Best Beard Trimmers on amazon
Best Beard Trimmers on amazon

What are the types of electric beard trimmers?

Whether you are a fan of sliding or rotating trimmers depends entirely on personal preference. Each has its own pros and cons, but they both do their job.

Rotating beard trimmer

Rotary trimmers are designed to follow the contours of the face. Electric rotary trimmers have rotary heads that can maneuver around hard-to-reach areas such as the chin and neck. The hair enters the opening of the head and is cut off by moving the blades in a circular motion.

Due to the rotating trimmer mechanism, this type is best for men who have longer and coarser hair. That is, they don’t shave every day, they let their hair grow back, but they want to look neat. The rotary trimmer is also great for those who don’t clean trimmers often and those with hair that grows in different directions.

Sliding beard trimmer

On the other hand, sliding trimmers are recommended for men who have fine hair and prefer to shave every day. The term “film” refers to the layer of metal that covers the blades, making them softer and more practical for those with sensitive skin.

The sliding trimmer also tends to provide a cleaner shave than the rotary trimmer. This type of razor is also great for more detailed work, such as trimming around the temples.

While each type is recommended for a specific person or facial hair, it also depends on the user whether they wish to follow the advice or not. Try both types and it can help you decide if you like the rotating or sliding trimmer better.

What are the benefits of an electric beard trimmer?

Electric beard trimmers save time: One of the most notable benefits of an electric beard trimmer is that it’s faster than a wet shave. Shaving with an electric razor usually takes only 3-5 minutes. This is great for people who don’t want to spend too much time grooming themselves, but still want to look clean and well-groomed. It also means more time to work on trimming the temples, beard, and mustache.

Less effort: electric shavers require less effort to shave. Both the rotating and sliding trims move automatically, so all you have to do is wipe them across your face. They can also cut hair in hard-to-reach areas where problems can arise with a regular razor. The technology also makes electric trimmers more efficient with less effort.

It does the job better: With the optional attachments, the electric beard trimmers provide a better and more consistent shave every time. You are not struggling with keeping your face clean early in the morning when you are barely thinking.

Electric trimmers can do 90% of the work for you, and they do it better. Optional attachments allow users to define the shapes and directions of their sideburns or beards. Some models are equipped with beard trimmers and stylers.

Electric trimmers are low maintenance: some electric trimmers have self-sharpening blades, cleaning systems, and batteries, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your device in top shape. Unlike conventional razors, which can become dull or rusty, electric trimmers are designed for long-term use. They are an investment that can see you after many months or years of shaving.

Electric beard trimmers are safer to use and can prevent all of the popular scratches and cuts that come with a regular razor. Many models have characteristics that are designed for sensitive skin and allow you to shave without cuts.

What are the major brands in electric beard trimmers?

Plus, because the blades don’t rust, you don’t have to worry about getting a rash or infection while shaving. The technology also provides electric trimmers to prevent skin irritation or redness while shaving.

Braun Electric Beard Trimmers

Braun started out as a radio and audio equipment company founded by Max Brown in 1921. This engineer started out with the production of radio components but was able to quickly expand his own production of entire sets. In 1951, after a WW2 delay, the company released its first electric trimmer.

The S50 was designed using an oscillating blade unit with a thin steel film secured above. More than 60 years later, this principle is still used in modern Braun trimmers. Today Braun is one of the leading electric trimmer brands, competing with Philips, Remington, and Panasonic.

Braun is considered by many to be the most comfortable electric trimmer on the market. With German state-of-the-art technology, this brand stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Below it in terms of comfort is the Japanese manufacturer Panasonic, followed by Philips and Remington. In terms of comfort and convenience, Braun is unbeatable.

Remington Electric Beard Trimmers

Formerly known as a personal care product, Remington was known as E. Remington and Sons – firearms manufacturers. In 1816 E. Remington and Sons started their own business of manufacturing weapons, sewing machines, and agricultural machinery.

Following the invention of QWERTY for the typewriter, the Remington brand was transformed into the Remington Typewriter Company.

This was not until 1937, when the Remington brand, at the time it was called the Remington Rand, was expanded to include personal care products. Their first attempt at electric trimmers began with the Remington Model E.

Today Remington is known for its affordable electric trimmers. Many of its products are 2 or 3 times cheaper than their competitors. Their trimmers are also popular for their simplicity and efficiency. There is one problem though, which is that most users complain about the poor build quality of Remington products.

They often receive conflicting reviews on the durability of their trimmers. However, Remington is a brand of affordable products.

Philips Electric Beard Trimmers

The Philips brand is a diversified technology company with roots in Amsterdam. They are organized into three main divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle division, Philips Healthcare, and Philips Lighting.

Although Philips sold the bulk of its consumer electronics operations to Funai Electric Co in 2012, they continued to operate after the deal was canceled a year later.

The Philips Consumer Lifestyle division was previously comprised of two separate divisions that merged in 2008. Philips home appliances and electronics and personal care products have teamed up to create 6 divisions.

They are responsible for the production and distribution of personal care products such as Philips electric trimmers.

While they were not renowned for high quality or performance, the Philips brand remains popular for affordability and reliability. It is ahead of Remington in build quality, but inferior in terms of density.

Panasonic Electric Beard Trimmers

Out of all 4 well-known brands, it seems that Panasonic has received the most awards. The brand is believed to produce clean shave trimmers with the better build quality. Their high-end models have motors that deliver 14,000 cycles per minute, the fastest of any brand of electric shaver. This allows their trimmers to achieve a cleaner shave of all four brands.

Braun came in second with their best trimmers at 10,000 CPM and their mid-range trimmers at 8,500 CPM. Panasonic is also seen as having the best build. While other brands have good and mediocre products, Panasonic has consistently made high-quality trimmers.


Choosing the best electric beard trimmer is ultimately a matter of personal preference. While a rotating beard trimmer can offer convenience and lightness, the sliding beard trimmer provides a cleaner shave.

Different brands have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended that you read as many user reviews as possible to get a more detailed description of the pros and cons of each model.

Investing in the best electric beard trimmer takes you out of the Middle Ages into the new millennium. Experiences can be gained to shave safely, more efficiently, less laboriously, and more reliably when using an electric beard trimmer than a conventional razor.

Choosing the right brand for you can be difficult, but it’s worth finding the right trimmer that you will use for years to come.

Each beard trimmer comes with a user manual that teaches the user through a checklist of what to do and what not. With experience, the user should get a general idea of ​​many things that the management does not inform.

How To Care and Keep An Electric Beard Trimmer Perfect For a Long Time?

The blade requires more maintenance in the beard trimmer as it determines the overall performance of the beard trimmer. Some of them come with blades that are coated with a special lubricant, and therefore a soft substance must be used to clean them.

If the trimmer does not have a brush attachment, a soft brush or soft cloth should be used to clean the blade.

Liquid detergents such as cleaning agents or harsh chemical detergents should be completely avoided as they tend to damage them and in turn impair their performance. Soap is usually not required as the dirt on the blades is usually from sebum. If used after washing your face or after showering, no cleaning is required at all.

The next important thing is to keep the device turned off after using it and especially during cleaning. The trimmer guard must be removed to shake out any accumulated hair, or it can be blown or brush cleaned. Bits and blades should be wiped with a clean cloth.

Useful Tips To Follow In Order To Maintain For A Long Time

If the beard trimmer does not move when turned on, it is likely clogged with hair. In this case, you do not need to knock on it or shake it too much, but you need to remove the attachments in order to detect problems and adjust it correctly.

A battery-powered beard trimmer will last a long time if it is fully discharged at least once a month and then fully charged over several hours. This extends the battery life. It is also important to set aside a safe place to store the trimmer, as it can fall if placed on high shelves.

When traveling, a sufficiently soft container should be used to store the trimmer, and a voltage converter will also be helpful to avoid damage from electrical discharges that are likely in some locations.

So, there are some simple steps to maintain and care for a beard trimmer, an amazing gadget that effectively helps people maintain their beard or mustache style.

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