How Much Does an Average Filipino Spend on Fitness

How Much Does An Average Filipino Spend On Fitness

Fitness is not something every Filipino engages in. There is a significant amount of people who don’t exercise as much as they should, but that number may be changing. At the moment, more folks are spending Php2,700 to as much as Php3,000 per month to join a fitness gym, which shows you that some folks care.

How Much Does an Average Filipino Spend on Fitness

Why Don’t More People Care About Fitness?

The reality is people in the Philippines do care about health and fitness, just like most folks. The benefits of focusing on fitness are common knowledge at this point, so it’s not like everyone in this country is misinformed. The reason folks aren’t focusing on fitness as much as they should is much more complex.

Some folks don’t have the time to work out; they work more than one job to make ends meet. Other people don’t have the resources to ensure that someone can take care of their young while they exercise. Economic hardships can be solved momentarily by a family member living abroad who can start sending money to the Philippines, but that’s not a permanent solution.

The good thing is fitness in today’s day and age is changing. There are now online programs and videos that can act like virtual trainers, which can help folks exercise at home at a fraction of the price. It’s better to go to the gym since you get help from trained professionals that can help reduce the chance of injury, and that’s important especially for people who don’t exercise much, so hopefully, most people at least start at the gym.

Economic distress is not the only reason people don’t go to the gym or care for their physical health. Others don’t do it because they believe they are already healthy while others think they do enough exercise when they probably don’t. If you have a loved one in the Philippines, try to convince him or her to at least have their physical health checked just to be sure.

Why Some People are Worried About Their Health

Some people aren’t focused on fitness. There is a group of people finding creative ways to be healthier. Like in many countries around the world, the millennials in the Philippines are leading the movement.

Some people are boosting their health with their diet while others are going down the fitness route. Most dietitians would probably say that it’s best to do a combination of good food and exercise. The reason why there’s a small but growing movement of millennials doing their best to be more fit could be attributed to several things.

The internet has allowed folks to learn about the importance of health, and that may be motivating some people. Access to free fitness videos may be helping others, especially those without much free time.

Some folks may be getting involved in fitness simply because of social media. There are a lot of people connecting online. They all have access to the same information, and many on social media platforms share things that could encourage others to get into fitness even more. Some of these platforms help keep people in check since there is pressure to showcase your progress or showcase your workout routine. This kind of peer pressure can be quite effective and could motivate.

Another reason that could be motivating people to be more fit is the assistance technology offers, like wearables. Yes, those wearables can help track fitness information and help motivate people to continue working. In addition to wearables, people are also using apps to help them track their progress or learn how to work on certain areas of the body.

Giving a person the tools to see the results they want to see is a great motivator, which could explain why fitness apps are so effective though there are other points in their favor. For example, some apps help connect folks to others who are seeking similar fitness goals. Connecting with others who are trying to achieve the same thing could be helpful because you get to encourage each other. Some apps do charge you a fee to use them, but most of them are free, which could be making fitness a rising trend.

As you can see, no one can pinpoint the exact reason why many people in this young generation in the Philippines are interested in health, but it’s good that they are. Of course, there are people in other generations who are working on their health as well, but millennials do represent a rising number.

The amount the average Filipino spends on fitness may not be as much as the country wants, but that’s slowly changing. Hopefully, this is one of those trends that continues to grow and expand to those in other generations.

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