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11 Best Corkscrew Reviews | Waiters Best Wine Opener {2023}

The Best Corkscrew 2023 – Are you a wine lover, waiter, or sommelier? Do you want to enjoy a bottle of Merlot or wine? If yes, then you must want to have the Best Waiters Corkscrew. So, no need to use a hard-time opening cork. Just grab the best wine opener and feel the pleasure.

A number of most renowned brands have designed the best-featured wine corkscrew, luxury, and heavy-duty industrial-grade corkscrews. Most of them are also convenient and versatile. All winged corkscrews or pullers are simple and easy to perform all bottle-opening tasks.

Best Selling

Best Corkscrew
HiCoup Wing Corkscrew
All-in-One Tool
  • Best Corkscrew
  • Bai Ying Wood Handle
  • All-in-one Corkscrew
  • Opener & Foil Cutter
  • Premium quality
  • 3 in 1 multi-function
  • Stylish & Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Double hinged
  • Extra leverage
  • Smooth pulling
  • Best for long corks
  • Long, round, serrated

Top Rated

best Professional corkscrew
  • Commercial Grade
  • Popular Around World
  • Heavy duty opener
  • Best for fragile corks
  • Handy for long corks
  • Pocket size convenient
  • Gift for the wine lover
  • Wonderful Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Premium Quality
  • Superb Wood handle
  • Integrated foil cutter
  • A true multi-tool

Editor’s Choice

best winged corkscrew
HiCoup Wing Corkscrew
All-in-One Tool
  • Corkscrew Bot Opener
  • Bonus Wine Stopper
  • Deluxe Box Packing
  • Functionality in style
  • Elegant & versatile
  • Foolproof efficient
  • Comfortable to grasp
  • Effortless to turn
  • Sturdy and large
  • Remove any size cork
  • Polished helix worm
  • Multi-Functional

The Best Wine Bottle Openers are not just tools to open wine they are the ceremony that lets you celebrate every moment with the special people around you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bottle of white wine or red wine, the best corkscrew makes Wine bottle opening a breeze.

Regardless of the traditional way, the innovative way is safe, cost-effective, efficient, and more beneficial. It’s ideal to use for men or women, even with weak hands or poor grip.

Top 11 Best Corkscrew | Best Wine Opener Reviews 2023

After testing various Best Corkscrew brands over different parties, we have compiled the most useful and durable top-rated picks. All these brands are useful to you and of course valuable to both your money and decision.

Consumer’s Choice 2023

GITKO The Best Wine Opener/ Waiters Corkscrew

Best Waiters Corkscrew 2023 With A Comfortable Rosewood Handle

GITKO Best Wine Opener Waiters Corkscrew
Buy GITKO Wine Opener & Waiters Corkscrew

For those looking for a double-hinged Best Corkscrew or Wine Bottle Opener, we bring to you a very nice solution. So, you need not look further. Gitko’s all-in-one stainless steel corkscrew is your new best friend in the kitchen.

GITKO is the best wine opener and Waiters Corkscrew is perfectly designed to perform multiple functions. This all-in-one compact unit can be used as a wine corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter.

Heavy-duty corkscrew is ideal for high-stepped work environments to make short work of opening any type of bottle with a cork or metal cap. Its durable, high-end quality premium design makes it a more reliable and efficient wine opener to use as a widespread unit.

It may “walk away” if you’re not careful. If once you try it, you will definitely want it for your very own.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • All-In-1, Multi-Functional Corkscrew
  • Compact Unit For The Drawer Or The Pocket
  • Durable, Premium Quality High-End Design
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • Extra Leverage With Double-Hinge Fulcrum
  • Ideal Gift To Present The Hostess
  • Packed By Lifetime Guarantee

The Best Rated Corkscrew 2023

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

The Best Corkscrew For Old Wine 2023

Buy Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew
Buy Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew is the perfect deal for wine lovers, waiters, waitresses, and bartenders. This Amazon’s Choice, Best Wine opener & corkscrew let you open your wine easily. Use this heavy-duty opener, especially when need to utilize the classic double-hinged fulcrum feature.

It’s small-sized; perfectly fits into your pocket and makes you able to remove the longest and most fragile corks. The unique and exquisite design makes it an ideal piece of gift to give your friends.

Durable and efficient, the top-rated BARVIVO corkscrew comes with premium quality stainless steel construction, making it more reliable than other traditional ones. It’s a perfect unit and ensures easy removal of both synthetic and natural corks.

Its integrated beautiful wood rafted handle is made to give you a unique feel of the wine opener and offers superb control while removing the cork. Plus, the serrated foil cutter makes this tool, a multi-tasker unit.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Multi-Tasker Tool
  • Offer All Functions Need To Open The Cork
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Double-Hinge Fulcrum
  • Simple And Easy To Clean
  • Easy-To-Use Even For Non-Professionals
  • Removal Of Natural And Synthetic Corks Is Quite Easy

# 1 Best Selling

HiCoup Kitchenware Best Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew

All-In-One Best Corkscrew Moonstone Resin Handle

Buy HiCoup Kitchenware Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew
Buy HiCoup Kitchenware Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew

Are you a professional waiter or sommelier? Do you just want more leverage? Yes, the solution is there. The HiCoup waiter’s corkscrew is just for you. Its design is visually pleasing and functional, with a size, feel, and appearance.

Obviously, it also reflects the thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship, making it great for a server to carry when working in a restaurant, even dealing with a lot of wine.

Durable, premium quality, 3-in-1 multi-functional corkscrew. This tool elegantly blends the features of a perfect wine corkscrew, foil cutter, and bottle opener, all together.

Stylish and durable 420 Stainless Steel construction with comfort-grip resin handle increases the reliability of this #1 Best-Selling product.

Its specially designed Worm is crafted with strong and sturdy steel that guarantees to cleanly remove any synthetic and natural cork in a breeze. Plus, the precision-cut notch along the worm holds the cork, making it less likely the crumbled cork.

Patented double-hinged fulcrum delivers additional leverage and smoother pulling of even the longest corks. 2-part removal offers significant mechanical benefits over traditional-style single-hinge devices.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Long, Rounded, And Serrated Foil Cutter
  • Commercial-Grade Waiter’s Corkscrew
  • Quick Removal, Easy-To-Use & Clean
  • Durable, Sturdy Premium Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Great To Give As A Gift
  • 100% Free Lifetime Warranty With Refund/Replacement Warranty

Le Creuset TM100L-31 Original Table Model

One Of The Best Wine Bottle Openers 2023

Buy Le Creuset TM100L-31 Original Table Model
Buy Le Creuset TM100L-31 Original Table Model

Are you looking for a commercial-grade waiter’s corkscrew? Do you just want more leverage? The Le Creuset TM100L-31 Original Table Model waiter’s corkscrew is just for you.

Its design is visually pleasing and versatile, making it a more reliable tool. The Le Creuset is the perfect unit to deal with while using in the restaurant and performs greatly even to open all types of wines.

Since 1979, the original self-pulling corkscrew that has been invented by Screwpull makes your all tasks a breeze. This ideal sleek designed screw is engineered to glide smoothly through the toughest and longest corks.

Due to its timeless design, Screwpull’s Classic corkscrews ensure that you can open each type of wine bottle with no trouble.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Self-Pulling Corkscrew For Effortless Bottle Opening
  • Quick, Simple, And Easy To Use
  • Pushes Extracted Cork Back Off Screw Without Damaging The Cork
  • Works On Any Size Wine Bottle
  • Open All Type Cork Including Synthetic

Black Boomerang Corkscrew With No Blade” Foil Cutter”

Best Waiters Corkscrew 2023

Buy Black Boomerang Corkscrew
Buy Black Boomerang Corkscrew

If you are a wine lover and have often opened the cork of a wine bottle then you definitely know the need for a corkscrew. For that, you must have a durable, efficient, and best opening tool. Black Boomerang Corkscrew With No Blade is one of the best corkscrews we found in our evaluation test.

Yes, this brand absolutely works at home and even at bars. Its classic design ensures that you can uncork all sorts of wine bottles, quickly and effortlessly.

A built-in foil cutter with a floating axis and retractable is also helpful in removing the foil cork. It’s ultimately simple and easy to use.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Floating Axis And Retractable
  • Built-In Foil Cutter
  • Effortless Uncorking Every Time
  • Classic Design
  • Weighs Only 1.6oz

Amazon’s Choice 2023


ALL-IN-ONE Best Winged WINE CORKSCREW – Bottle Opener

Buy HiCoup Kitchenware Wing Corkscrew
HiCoup Kitchenware Wing Corkscrew

HiCoup Kitchenware Wing Corkscrew is the world’s most popular wine opener. This sturdy and elegant style bottle opener feels extensive in your hand and looks graceful if placed on the table.

Most wine lovers and professional waiters like to buy this type of cork remover that is cost-effective and efficient. It’s simple and easy to use; simply place the corkscrew over the bottle, and twist the handle to insert the worm into the cork.

When the opener’s wings rise, press it down to extract the cork. A coated screw glides smoothly and a stopper prevents the cork from breakage. Plus, its ergonomic design grip handles offer a comfortable and effortless grip to open even the stubborn cork.

Its patented, sturdy ad large up to 3” long broad wings require very little effort to press it down to uncork the bottle. This quality lets you remove almost all types of corks quickly and efficiently.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Commercial-Grade, Sturdy, And Durable Wine Bottle Opener
  • Versatile Tool Pulls Double-Duty Wine Opener
  • Quickly Uncorks All Type Wines
  • Crafted With Finest Quality Metal And Plastic
  • Rust-Proof, Stain-Resistant
  • Easy-To-Clean, Dish-Washer Safe
  • Covered By a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Most Recommended Best Corkscrew

Smooth Dragon Premium Waiters Corkscrew

3-in-1 stainless steel best wine opener 2023

Buy Smooth Dragon Premium Waiters Corkscrew
Smooth Dragon Premium Waiters Corkscrew

Do you really want to invest in the corkscrew to enjoy the wine? No hard time opening the cork. The Smooth Dragon Premium Waiters Corkscrew with its versatile and luxurious design meets heavy-duty, industrial-grade needs to uncork the wines simply and easily.

This cost-effective, Stainless Steel construction with a beautiful Rosewood handle wine opener offers comfort and ease for opening all types of wine bottles.

Integrated double-hinged fulcrum with Teflon-coated worm makes cork removal easy, even the longest corks can also remove effortlessly. It’s also easy and comfortable to use and clean.

Its serrated foil cutter lets you remove the bottle’s protective foil easily, making it safer too.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Premium Quality Corkscrew With Double-Hinged Fulcrum
  • Durable, Stainless Steel And Beautiful Rosewood Handle
  • Teflon Coated 5-Turn Worm
  • Serrated Foil Cutter
  • It ideal As Gift For Special Events
  • Backed By a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Amazon’s Choice

VinOrama Super Sturdy Premium Waiters Corkscrew

3-In-1 Best Corkscrew – Best Wine Bottle Opener

Buy VinOrama Super Sturdy Premium Rosewood Waiters Corkscrew
VinOrama Super Sturdy Premium Rosewood Waiters Corkscrew

Yes, the VinOrama Super Sturdy Premium Rosewood Waiters Corkscrew is one of the best professional-grade corkscrews that has been designed to deliver maximum comfort for opening wines.

Most waiters, sommeliers,s and bartenders all over the world like to invest in this versatile brand. This 3-in-1 wine opener offers multiple tasks for wine opening, satisfying the wine lover’s desire for a top-notch bottle opener.

Regardless of other models, this hand-crafted, finest quality, durable rosewood opener with its unique and stylish design uncorks the bottles effortlessly. The integrated worm is crafted with strong polished steel that is durable material and guarantees to neatly remove any type of natural or synthetic cork.

Along with the worm, the precision-cut notch grips the cork firmly and reduces the drag by cutting the cork to make the removal easy and comfortable.

A patented double-hinged fulcrum is designed to make the opening task 2 times easier by providing extra leverage and smoother pull, even for the longest corks.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Integrated Foil Cutter For Foil Removal
  • 3-In-1 Multi-Task Tool With Natural Rosewood Handles
  • Precision-Cut Notch Along With Worm
  • Extremely Portable
  • Elegant Design, Double-Hinged Fulcrum
  • Packed By 100% Lifetime Guarantee

Fante’s Classic Best Waiter’s Corkscrew

Original Made In Italy, Best Professional Corkscrew 2023

Buy Fante's Classic Waiter’s Corkscrew
Fante’s Classic Waiter’s Corkscrew

Since 1906, the world’s renowned Company Fante’s Classic launched and sold millions of products and is most popular due to its significant features and qualities.

The Best Waiter’s corkscrew made in Italy is perfectly designed to offer you uncork the wine bottles. It’s a perfect opening tool that lets you open almost all types of bottles cork-stoppered bottles, wine bottles, and others including champagne, effortlessly.

Integrated worm and foil cutter are crafted with premium quality nickel-plated steel. All parts of the corkscrew hinged to fold and store inside the handle.

It’s easy and ultimately simple to clean, just wipe it with a clean and damp- cloth. Plus, a small-sized, slim profile fits comfortably in your pocket or you can store it easily in the kitchen gadget drawer.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • It Ideal To Remove All Type Wine Bottles With Great Comfort And Ease
  • Great To Use At Home, Restaurants
  • Easily Uncork The Bottle Of Wine In A Breeze
  • Simple-To-Use
  • Foil Cutter For Easy Foil Removal, With 5-Turn Worm
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Worm And Foil Cutter


Being a wine lover, you will also look for the best one-piece that meets all needs. Of course, you’ll also be familiar with the problem that comes with most of the corkscrews, though, which is that they break easily. It takes only use twice a week (i.e. open two bottles) for one year for most to wear out.

Yet, some brands are more durable and effective to use and last for long a while even used in restaurants, where it uses greatly.

I personally recommend you use, HiCoup Kitchenware Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew which is highly commercial-grade. The best overall, #1 Best-Selling brand is crafted with sturdy and durable material and comes with 3-in-1 functions.

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew is also a good brand that is versatile. You May Also Like To Order The Best Patio Umbrella For Wind For Your Home or Commercial Places. Here is the comparison of Features & Latest Price.

Waiters Wine Corkscrew History, Types, Usage & Tips 2023

History & Invention Of Wine Corkscrew

Invented a corkscrew for wine, in contrast to the wine itself much later. For several centuries, drinking containers were spherical with an expansion near the neck, which was clogged with a cork, usually wooden, expanding upward, and filled with wax or covered with clay.

To open the bottle with the drink, the part of the cork that protruded outside the container was grabbed with fingers and removed from the throat of the bottle. Many questions arise among consumers of alcoholic products, such as: how to use a corkscrew? or how to get a cork out of a bottle. We will understand these and other issues.

The origin of the mechanical corkscrew is associated with In 50-60 years. XVII century. When the market for wine in bottles with cylindrical corks, which are still found today, began to develop. It was very problematic to pull out the covers without using special tools. So, the question of a new invention was ripe.

The starting device was a fawn – a device for pulling a wad out of a gun after an unsuccessful shot. Steel “rods” were used for about a century, but their design was flawed and people began to puzzle over the improvement.

Meanwhile, He is considered to be the “Founder” of a corkscrew of clergyman Samuel Henshall. He received a patent in 1795, although the prerequisites for its creation were others much earlier. The clergyman added a metal rod with a brush to remove the remains of sealing wax and wax from the bottle with a steel disc-stop. Which creates a restriction in the movement of the screw.

In the future, various options for bottle openers for a long time remained modifications of the original device.

Best Corkscrew & Wine Opener Types

Every wine lover knows how important it is to quickly uncork a bottle, the opening quality is also an important factor, since if you use the corkscrew carelessly, crumbs of cork may get inside the bottle.

Now you can find a wide variety of these devices, but people who are professionally engaged in wine (sommelier) distinguish six types. They are all different and require some skill, but each of them can open any bottle of wine.

Butterfly Waiters Corkscrew

The more correct name is “Charles de Gaulle.” A quality corkscrew for wine is similar in performance to a butterfly, or rather, to its wings or to the person’s arms apart. The indisputable advantage of this device is the ease of maintenance, and also it does not require much effort to uncork the bottle, which is especially true for girls.

The only drawback of the device is that it is not always possible to get a jam stuck deep in the neck.

Here is one good way to open a wine

How To Use Waiter’s Corkscrew

The sharp end of the device is located in the center of the cork, the “wings” should be located vertically down. With one hand we hold the corkscrew, with the other hand we twist the tip of the device into the cork clockwise. The handles, which are the wings, during the rotation of the tip, will begin to move up. Once the handles have reached a vertical position, they should be pressed down until the cover is removed.

Sommelier Knife

It is a two-stage waiter’s corkscrew. One of the main advantages of the device is the folding design. When folded, it does not take up much space and can even fit in a trouser pocket. In addition, it is safe to transport it, since the blade and screw are in the body of the case.

This folding corkscrew owes its name to the French sommelier – the restaurant staff responsible for the delivery and storage of wines in the institution, as well as for serving the drink to customers.

In addition to the standard screw, the device is supplemented with a small knife for removing the capsule plugs and two stops (steps) that help in the operation of the device, as well as eliminating damage to the lid.

How To Use Sommelier Knife?

Remove the capsules by exposing the cork. As close to the center as possible, screw in the corkscrew clockwise so that one turn of the spiral is visible on the surface.

Using the construction as a lever, rest the first step in the bottle and pull it up with gentle movements.

As soon as the first stage “works out”, move the device to the second stage and pull again until the plug is completely removed.

Interesting, When uncorking a bottle, do not screw the screw through. This can lead to particles of cork getting into the drink and spoiling. Its aesthetic and taste bouquet.

Screw with wooden handle

The simplest device to madness, which simplifies uncorking a bottle as much as possible. The design is simple and minimal effort, which is important for girls.

How To Use Wooden Handle?

The screw of device is screwed in by the hourly hand into the plug, then with the help of certain efforts, the plug is removed.

Gypsy With Protective Case

In appearance, the device only remotely resembles a professional corkscrew. The handle of the device is usually made of plastic or metal. Unlike a screw, two blades are located here, which penetrate the cap and rotate it to remove it from the bottle.

Interesting, When choosing a quality corkscrew, give your preference to a metal handle, as its design is more reliable. Another name for this unit is “Butler’s Friend”.

Interesting! The device earned its original name because it allows you to uncork even a deep-seated cork in a bottle.

Electric Gadgets

This device is a novelty from the presented list and has already been loved by a large number of users. Now on the market, there are a large number of varieties of this device.

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